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Thank you for visiting my site. I love connecting with people through my writing. I want to write about things that can lift and inspire people, inasmuch as I can write about sadness, wistfulness and strong emotion. When I can, I  take photos, and collaborate with photographers. Words and images are a very powerful combination. Join me in life’s journey expressed creatively, let’s connect here.

I love life, my God, creativity, compassion, social justice, poetry, writing, reading, photography, anything vintage, dancing, yoga, summer, people, dogs, ‘not’ thinking, just feeling.

I love the moon (that’s why I’m Moonlover in one art site), am a nocturnal creature in  that I love the night’s solitude, the moon’s calming effect & the stars & the awesome feeling they give when I look at them. Well, I love nature in general – so the sea, the trees, the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky and the people & animals that dwell in them.

I have a published book of poetry & photography titled ‘The Forsaken Muse, a Woman’s Journey from Sorrow to Hope’ available online.

By the way, I am an IT Consultant by profession. I also do fashion styling :), and of course, having coffee or tea with friends.


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